Bringing education to millions of children in remote areas of the world and into disaster areas and war zones.

British Remote Schools, developed by Anglo Schools International Education Services (ASIS), can meet 5 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Education, Health, Gender Equality, Economic Growth and the end of poverty.

Inculcating Digital Inquisitiveness through Innovative Education Technology

Technology Marketing into Schools & Universities to create dynamic learning environments

There is something unique about ASIS Education. We are experienced educationalists in partnership with some of the world’s most innovative technology companies to provide the best technology solutions for schools & universities in the UK and Europe.

Our approach is to identify your issues and provide technology solutions to create dynamic learning environments

Pop-Up Classrooms

We offer training to teachers in the use of the technology and how to ensure an immersive learning experience.

Intelligent Digital Signage

ASIS Education works closely with Stratacache Inc, one of the world’s leading providers of intelligent digital signage solutions.

Harvard Business School’s Virtual Classroom

ASIS Education worked with X2O Media to adapt the technology for use in schools & universities at an affordable price without loss of any functionality. We created an innovative finance solution developing a Rental and ‘Pay-as-you-Grow’ model which would allow the solution to become profitable quickly. No longer a ‘cost’ but an investment with a defined return

Developing innovative education technology solutions today for a

better tomorrow.

We have a carefully chosen range of technology partners and we work with them closely, to innovate, adapt and deliver affordable technology solutions for schools & universities in the UK and Europe.

At ASIS Education, we provide solution-based technologies which keep schools and universities safer, make them brighter and deliver better results for their students, parents, visitors and contractors.
e-learning support for british schools and universities
David Boddy
Senior Partner, ASIS Education

technology Insights

From pioneering education innovation through the introduction of smart virtual classroom technology, to developing facial recognition safety solutions for UK schools, we have successfully bridged the gap between education and effective utilization of technology to make learning an imaginative, creative , safe and visually impactful process. Through our collaborative ventures with globally loved brands – we are Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Partners in the UK – we are successfully utilizing the power of artificial intelligence to establish intelligent digital signposting for UK schools and universities. By providing teachers with outstanding support through our virtual teacher training programmes, we enhance their skill set, ensuring that knowledge delivery becomes more impactful, student focused and dynamic.

We’re proud to partner with
globally loved brands.

Experienced educationalists partnered with innovative technology providers

This blend ensures we meet our clients’ needs with a practical focus on solving their problems:

How to create a truly immersive online learning experience for students and teachers?

How to create dynamic marketing messages across educational sites using intelligent digital signage?