Virtual Learning Environments

Creating smart virtual classroom technology in UK through technology development for virtual learning

X2O Media Inc developed the world-class HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL’S virtual learning environment

ASIS Education worked with X2O Media to adapt the Harvard Business School’s learning environment technology for use in schools & universities at an affordable price without loss of any functionality, maximising our role as a technology development partner for virtual learning. We created an innovative finance solution developing a Rental and ‘Pay-as-you-Grow’ model which would allow the solution to become profitable quickly. Introducing smart virtual classroom technology in the UK and Europe need no longer be considered just a ‘cost’ but more as an investment with a defined return.

Generic business plan

Investing to attract international pupils and materially increase your profit line.

Unique dynamic environments using collaboration technology

Discover the benefits of the X2O Virtual Classroom

Virtual teacher training for UK schools and European Universities

Being an effective technology development partner for virtual learning, ASIS Education offers training to teachers and lecturers in the use of the technology and how to ensure an immersive learning experience for both students in the physical classroom and virtual participants on the screens behind them.

During the virtual teacher training and introduction of smart virtual classroom  technology, we show how the room can be used to ensure all learning objectives are clearly understood, how our polling technology can be used for dynamic assessment and how differentiated learning can be made far easier by virtual group work. We also train schools’ and universities’ admissions and marketing teams on using the technology to attract the highly lucrative international student market.



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