About us

Transforming smart learning services in UK with e-learning support for british schools and universities

Formed in 2013 by David Boddy, former London senior school headmaster and Chairman of the UK Society of Heads, our business aims at delivering smart learning services in the UK and Europe, partnering schools and universities as their comprehensive technology problem solver.

Anglo Schools International Services Ltd (now trading as ASIS Education), provides e-learning support for British schools and universities to transform education delivery, amalgamating smart technology with traditional processes of learning and education management.

The company has evolved into a leading supplier of innovative technology solutions, designed to provide smart learning services to the education sector. Our uniqueness lies in the blend we offer between state-of-the-art technology and more traditional teaching, learning and school management processes. We are building a reputation as technology problem solvers in the UK and Europe.

Technology partnerships have always been at the core of the ASIS Education offering. We began by  collaborating with PEARSON VUE in the development of a suite of online assessments to assist UK private schools identify and select international students for entry. Over the past seven years we have expanded to provide a wider range of  e-learning support services. 

Our BUSSATs tests, and associated Academic Performance Index, have become widely used by both UK Schools and recruitment agents in Africa, the Middle East, China, the Far East and India. Our way of working is to sit right alongside our technology partners, help them develop solutions and position them for marketing into British and European schools and universities. We have also been able to devise financial solutions for our customers.

ASIS Education owns and operates nine online and in-home tutoring franchises in Central and South West London (ASIS Tutor Doctor Ltd), providing e-learning support to students ranged in age from seven to 21. We are part of the global operation of TUTOR DOCTOR Inc, based in Toronto, Canada. We are using our smart technology problem solving capacity to develop a new matching and scheduling technology for use in the supplementary education space. Our small but expert technology team strives to be at the leading edge of   smart learning services. Our subsidiary, ASIS Education (India) Ltd, operates out of Delhi and provides consultancy support for international schools and students wishing to study abroad. It provides online IELTs training delivering Cambridge English programmes.

smart learning services in UK

Our subsidiary, ASIS Education (India ) Ltd, operates out of Delhi and provides consultancy support for international schools and students wishing to study abroad. It provide IELTs training and represents Cambridge English programmes.

ASIS Education continues to search for technology partners to work with us to provide e-learning support solutions to the multiple issues faced by modern leaders in

schools and universities.

Our approach to smart learning is always service led. For us, the technology is the vehicle, not the driver. We are helping ease the pain of modernization and technology transformation to make schools and universities the go-to learning environments of safety and excellence.