Digital Signage Solutions

Delivering intelligent digital signposting for UK universities through digital signage solutions in UK


ASIS Education provides digital signage solutions to schools and universities in the UK and Europe. We work closely with Stratacache Inc, one of the world’s leading providers of intelligent digital signage solutions.

The company has over 3 million software activations globally.

Through our delivery of dynamic visual information to the whole school and university community, education institutions can catch up with the most advanced retail brands in delivering dynamic customer-focused messaging. Digital signage solutions drives engagement, recognition and loyalty. It transforms a school or university environment into a 21st century learning space.

ASIS Education also provides services as digital signage consultants for UK schools working with admissions and marketing teams to maximise parental engagement. As digital signage consultants, we audit reception areas, outdoor spaces, auditoriums and other populated areas and recommend where and how our sophisticated range of intelligent digital signposting can transform otherwise ‘dead space’ into the most modern academic environment.

Intelligent digital signage solutions demonstrate to visitors and students alike that they are a vibrant, stimulating and progressive place for learning. Such signage can also transform ‘customer management’, enhancing the experience of meeting and greeting both regular and occasional visitors, as well as the student community. The “intelligence” in the digital signage solutions, with interactive touch screens, recognise visitor preferences and provide students with critical and topical information enhancing their campus experience and supporting their studies.s somethi

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